The company markets its cylinders under the brand name Navana LP Gas in glossy red (guard ring) and acid green (cylinder body and foot ring) color of 22MM valve. Apart from this, a Bottle Green cylinder isunder development of 20MM valve that will be available in the market soon.

LPG is one of the cleanest form of energy which extracted and deliver to your home with fewer. Usage of LPG can make your cooking faster& cheaper than any other cooking methods and you have the full control while cooking.

Usage of 33KG cylinders are increasing positively in Bangladeshi market considering the cost efficiency as well as its hassle free usage. Now a day’s hotel, restaurant, industries etc. are using 33KG cylinder more frequently than before.

Weight : 33KG
Valve Size : 22MM
Usage : Restaurant, Hotel, Industry etc.
Valve Type : Compact and Regular