Auto LPG

What is Auto LPG?

Auto LPG or Autogas is the most popular automotive fuel in the world. This is a true alternative to traditional fuels. It is a safe, clean, economical and eco-friendly fuel. There are now over 26 million Autogas vehicles in use around the world.

About Us:

Following the success stories of Navana CNG, Navana LPG started to covert Petrol/Octane driven vehicles to Auto Gas. Navana LPG is the sole distributor of world famous LPG conversion kit manufacturer Landirenzo S.p.A., Italy for petrol/ octane driven vehicle conversion into LPG. Navana LPG solely represents the renowned manufacturer of LPG refueling station Tecnogas S.p.A., Italy for installation of LPG refueling station throughout the country.

Why Navana Auto LPG?

Start working with Navana LPG that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

Supply and Logistics

Navana Auto LPG ensures uninterrupted supply of LPG through its dedicated road tankers/ bobtails to the customers as and when required.


1. This service is maintained by Navana Auto LPG to ensure trouble free operation of Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS).

2. Provide periodic training to the employees of station owner in relation to smooth operation of the ALDS.

Powerful and Premium LPG

Navana LPG ensures more propane mix LPG than conventional mixture of LPG which provides additional energy for extra mileage.


Navana has the heritage of leading CNG service providing experience for last 15 years and most of their engineers are trained from Landirenzo S.p.A., Italy which will make them unique in this industry.

Savings Calculation
Monthly Fuel Consumption (Liter) Amount (Tk.) Monthly Savings (Tk.)
Octane Auto LPG Octane Auto LPG
350 434 31,150 23,436 7,714
450 558 40,050 30,132 9,918
550 682 48,950 36,828 12,122