Buet Certification

Propane and Butane is the key element of LP Gas and the pressure & energy of LP Gas depends on the ratio of Propane and Butane composition. According to BUET test Navana LPG has average pressure of 6.1 KG/CM2 whereas other general brands has average pressure of 5.2 KG/CM2.

Navana LP Gas contains 50% propane whereas other cylinder has 30% propane. So more propane means more power, more savings.

Best Stall Award:

Mr. Mohammed Nurul Alam, Operative Director of Navana LPG received the Best Stall award (Private Organizations) from Mr. Abul Maal Abdul Muhith (MP), Honorable Finance Minister at Power & Energy Week 2018.

[Third place - Energy and Mineral Resources Division]